TransEquity Network participates in Way Group

De Way Group

Way Group, located in Wormerveer (NL), was founded in 1970 and consists of three business units. At the time, they started with Technex, a supplier of specialist measuring instruments for industry and laboratories. Later this was expanded with the trade in technical-nautical products, under the name Technautic. The third business unit is Technolyt, which focuses on high-quality products for consumers in the field of outdoor, sports and optics. Technolyt distributes its products in the Benelux via an extensive network of retailers.

Way Group has a wide range of high-quality products composed of A-brands for which it is the exclusive importer / distributor in the Benelux. The company has built up a large network of manufacturers, dealers, retailers, companies and institutions in the past 50 years. The Way Group has a good reputation and name recognition, which is the result of a positive track record for years and a high-quality supplier network. In addition, the company has an up-to-date IT infrastructure that meets the needs of all parties in the value chain.

Jurgen van Olphen, director of TransEquity Network, is positive about the new participation: “The Way Group is achieving profitable growth that can be accelerated further, both autonomously and through buy & build. In addition, the company operates in growth markets with attractive features: leisure time, exercise and health.”

Peter Wayper, director / owner, and three members of the management team remain involved with the company as a shareholder and member of the management team.

Financial details of the transaction are not released.

"TransEquity Network in een paar woorden: Betrouwbaar, eerlijk, oprecht, hands-on en heel goed mee samen te werken."