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Investment Focus
For whom?

TransEquity Network focusses on mid-sized companies with significant growth potential. We are especially interested in companies where a change of management or shareholders is actual. We focus on companies that are active in industry, trade and services. TransEquity Network acts as buyer of companies, but also finances international growth and company takeovers.


The added value of TransEquity Network for the company and entrepreneurs is a combination of capital and management support. We create significant value growth by hands-on involvement on a strategic, financial and operational level.

Company criteria
Companies in the field of interest of TransEquity Network have the following characteristics:

  • Turnover of at least € 10 million or an EBITDA of at least € 1 million
  • Positive cash flow and profitability at the time of acquisition
  • Proven business model and product/market combinations
  • Distinct market position
  • Perspective for significant (international) growth
Investment criteria
The  most important investment criteria of TransEquity Network are:

  • Equity investment between € 0,5 – 5 mln.
  • Controlling interest (minority share negotiable)
  • Financial commitment of the management
  • Good exit opportunities within 5 years
  • Attractive return on investment